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HR Tech: From Startup to Scale Up to Enterprise Disruption

Are you building a startup and looking to disrupt the HR industry? Are you interested in finding new ways to improve the way that large organisations manage their workforce? Or do you work in HR and are interested in finding out more about the HR Startup scene?

On 14th March we invite you to join us at Campus London ("Google Campus") where we will continue our HR Tech Enterprise Disruption 2018 series. Throughout the series you will hear from:

  • Experienced HR professionals talking about the problems they face from an HR and business perspective, and where they think there are opportunities for smaller tech startups to have an impact on HR delivery
  • Experience HR technology professionals discussing how they build technologies to suit the business and technical requirements of HR customers
  • Investment and Acquisition Experts, who either invest in HR technologies or who oversee the acquisition of smaller technology vendors

What is This is HR?

This is HR is grassroots community of professionals and tech people that meet to discuss and create the future of people at work. Every couple of months we host free, community driven events where people working in HR discover new solutions, meet new customers and create new friendships. This is HR was started by Nigel Diaz and is sponsored by 3nstrategy and Sunlight.

Who usually attends?

You can expect to have a mixed crowd of HRTech startup founders, heads of people or HR of enterprise organizations and HR thought leaders, writers and creatives. Our events are small on purpose so that everyone gets the chance to meet everyone and usually range between 30 to 80 attendants.

I'd like to be a speaker at a This is HR event

We're always looking for people with innovative ideas and a passion for HR to come and share their stories with the community. Please get in touch with Nigel at ndias@3nstrategy.com

Can anyone come?

This is HR is open for anyone who might be interested in joining the world of HRTech.